A Rounded Beginning

I hope you all made it here OK.

This is my new blog. I thought long and hard about what to call it and the word “rounded” just stuck with me. Unfortunately, the name has already been taken here on WordPress. The domain name has also already been taken. So I searched high and low for another name that I liked.

I couldn’t find one. So I’ve swallowed my pride and stuck with Rounded, with the slightly lamer URL of roundedblog.wordpress.com.

You see, it’s about acceptance. It’s about moving on with your life. (I’m still hoping that rounded.com becomes available someday. I’m keeping my eye on it.)

Why “rounded”? I knew I had to have several categories to accommodate my several hobbies. I thought of “The Renaissance Woman.” But that just sounds far too much like The Pioneer Woman so it would’ve been like announcing to the world that I’m a copycat. And, let’s face it, she is a heavy influence. But I don’t have to make it quite so obvious, do I?

Another word for someone who’s multi-hobbied is “polymath,” but that’s not a very catchy word, and I think you’re only supposed to use it to describe geniuses, which I’m…erm…not.

So then I started thinking along the path of “well-rounded.” Which is still a pretty self-aggrandizing term if you ask me, and not what I was looking for. But just “rounded?” Jackpot. Plus it has a nice ring to it.

Just as I’ve always had big dreams for every aspect of my life, I have big dreams for this blog. Thanks for your support (I need it!) and I hope we end up rounding each other out even more in the process.

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