This wouldn’t be a very rounded blog without a fitness section. I’m no bodybuilder or fitness expert, but I do have goals. Big goals. Like keeping my tummy from hanging over my jeans.

I did cheerleading and gymnastics in high school but was never a big fan of gym class. I was the kid who always found a spot way out in the outfield during baseball, praying the ball would never come my way. But of course it always did, at least once per game. And then I’d have to face the embarrassment of having to throw the ball all the way back to a baseman. Which of course I couldn’t do.

Then I married a super athletic husband. He studies this 2-ton Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding book like it’s the Bible. He introduced me to sports that I actually enjoy a lot, like racquetball and bouldering. We also like to do stuff like yoga and pilates.

Before I met Josh my idea of working out was going on a sit-up spree every time my stomach started feeling especially squishy. But now I think I have some better stuff to share with you. I hope.

Or maybe you’ll just have to keep hearing about my squishy stomach. We’ll see.

Click here to read my fitness-related posts.


1 Response to Fitness

  1. Haha, I found your blog! When is the big reveal? I’m excited to hear about ways to banish squishy tummies.

    You ARE well-rounded, and very smart. About time something came of it. Hope this blog works out for you (whatever your goals are for this project).

    I also think you are a good illustrator. I bet you could illustrate cards… or books… or T-shirts…

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