When I’m lying in bed in the morning I think about what I’m going to eat for breakfast. When I’m not thinking about breakfast I’m thinking about what to make with the zucchini that’s sitting on the counter. When I’m not thinking about the zucchini I’m thinking about whether or not I have time to make a custard pie before my baby wakes up. When I’m not thinking about custard pie I’m dreaming about when my basil plant finally grows up and the lovely caprese pizzas it will make.

The point is, I love food.

My mom has cooked her meals from scratch for as long as I can remember. She takes her time eating dinner and stays at the table long after everyone else has cleaned up their plates, slowly savoring every bite. She slices up garden fresh tomatoes and enjoys them as if they are rare delicacies. She says they taste like sashimi.

My dad is a connoisseur of rare foods. Growing up, he would take us out to different restaurants, each with a different cuisine. He’d order the weirdest thing on the menu every time. There isn’t anything he can’t eat and he never lets anything go to waste. He makes his own yogurt with a starter he’s been continuing to use for years. He eats it every morning with bananas.

Basically, it’s in my blood to love food. I share my dad’s love of rare foods, but I’ve also found that I have a knack for making meals from scratch like my mom. Sometimes I get so excited about food I just have to tell someone about it. That’s what this section of my blog is for. I hope you will listen, and maybe even feel inclined to contribute.

Stuff You’ll See in this Section:

What We Had for Dinner: I will frequently post photos and brief descriptions of stuff I made for dinner. Some days will be fancier than others. Some days we might not be able to afford to eat. Regardless, dinner is an exciting event and is worth sharing.

Recipes: If I ever feel like I’ve perfected a particular recipe, I will post it here. I think it’s only fair.

Click here to read my food-related posts.


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