I started piano lessons when I was four. To this day I have no idea how my parents, who were super poor at the time, managed to afford these lessons not only for me but for all of my sisters and why this was a priority to them when neither of them came from a musical background. One thing’s for sure though: I’m grateful that they did it.

These piano lessons led me to have a pretty musical life before college. I played in school bands. I performed in talent shows. I competed in competitions. I auditioned for different orchestras. I even got voted “most talented” for class picks. Then college happened, and my musical life kind of disappeared. Sure I would pull out my flute once in a while or play the organ for church if I was ever asked to, but it wasn’t a serious pursuit. I missed it but didn’t really do anything about it.

Then… Josh, despite our lack of funds, bought me a nice electric piano for our first Valentine’s Day. And I started playing. And playing. And it felt sooo good, like my fingers were coming back to life. And I thought, I need to keep this up. It needs to keep being part of my life. So I thought it appropriate that music be a part of this blog just as it is part of my life— and maybe some of you will let it filter into your lives as well.

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