How do I describe my love of words… in words?

It’s not that I have an impressive vocabulary. I’m terrible at recalling just the right word at just the right time and I still use words incorrectly on occasion frequently. There is something about words, though, that hooks me. When I hear or read an especially crisp or juicy or rugged or shiny word, I have to write it down somewhere safe so I don’t lose it, and I turn it over and over in my mind like a precious jewel. If I’m a collector of anything, it’s words.

Also, reading. I’ve been an avid reader since I was six or seven. I would borrow a stack of books as high as me from the library and return them all, read, the next day. My mother would have to yell at me that if I didn’t stop reading I wasn’t going to get any dinner.

My earliest memory of wanting to become a writer when I grew up is from when I was in the third grade. I still want to be a writer when I grow up.

Oh wait, I’m married and have a kid. Maybe it’s about time I got started.

Stuff you might see in this section:

Wordsy Wednesdays: I am always coming up with categories of cool words in my head. I mean always. So I thought it would be cool to test everyone’s knowledge of unique words with a weekly quiz. Learning is fun! Yay!

Project Dictionary: A few years ago, I wanted to get myself a Christmas present. So I got the New Oxford American English Dictionary. I like to read it for fun and simultaneously create lists of words that are constantly growing. I’m featuring some of those lists here in case anyone else thinks they’re as cool as I do, and also if I find anything else in the dictionary worth sharing I will post them here.

Books I’ve Read: One day I started trying to remember all the books I’ve ever read in my life, and it got so fun to unearth novels that have sat long forgotten in the dusty cellar of my memory that I decided this needs to be a part of my blog as well. I will post reviews of random books I’ve read as close to daily as possible, and this will also help me out with Project: Book Count. (Because haven’t you always wanted to figure out just how many books you’ve ever read? Well, haven’t you?)

Click here to read my words-related posts.


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